We prepare disbursement packages and manage the disbursement proccess for ECA financings as well as other complex agency financings for our customers.

Borrowers and exporters face the following challenges:

  • Their staff may not be familiar with the complex disbursement process for ECA loans; disbursing ECA financing entails a steep learning curve for finance professionals
  • The magnitude and complexity of disbursement packages could lead to errors and omissions which may delay disbursement
  • The costs of undertaking the complex and document-intensive disbursement process could be significantly higher than originally anticipated

We offer the following services:

  • Preparation of disbursement packages
  • Preparation of borrower compliance packages
  • Consolidation of U.S. procurement in order to maximize financing
  • Development of U.S. MARAD-compliant shipping plans
  • Preparation and request of U.S. MARAD waivers
  • Placing of freight in U.S. flag ships and other logistics services

Our propriety loan disbursement system:

We developed a web application that automates the core of the disbursement package preparation for export financings, which has been used by borrowers in many countries and multiple industries.

With the help of our proprietary ECA disbursement software, we compile all relevant procurement data and actively manage all required supplier and borrower certifications, keeping the process on schedule to maintain the target disbursement date. Should questions or discrepancies arise, we work directly with suppliers and agency officials to remedy these situations, creating signature‐ready disbursement packages tailored to agency requirements.

Export credit agencies:

We have experience and have worked with many ECAs around the world. We have prepared disbursement packages worth USD 3.75 billion with financings made or guaranteed by the ECAs below:

Some of our recent administration experience:

Independent power producer:

Our customer, a joint venture of two large companies, with no EXIM experience, was facing the task of executing a complex disbursement process for a multi‐tranched EXIM transaction.

We deployed our proprietary ECA loan administration system to manage the disbursement process. Disbursement packages were consistently accurate, and the process was executed very cost‐effectively. We also worked with the borrower and EXIM to accelerate the first disbursement to minimize transaction costs.

By using our services, our customer was able to maximize the use of the the EXIM financing and disburse it in a timely and accurate manner. Furthermre, the use of our system allowed our customer to maintain an unparalleled level of transparency in the process.

The images on the right are screenshots of MTS, our ECA loan disbursement system.

Our online ECA disbursement system, MTS, can accept procurement and accounting data from project management systems such as SAP. With this data, we can use MTS to:

  • Calculate, in real time, the amount disbursable under the ECA financing based on actual procurement, and help identify deviations in eligibility before it is too late
  • Quickly and effectively prepare complete disbursement packages, including completed borrower and exporter certifications ready for signature
  • Maintain an organized record of all documentation used for developing disbursement packages

Mining project:

Prior to engaging us, the borrower had shipped significant volumes of U.S. exports in non-U.S. flag vessels, almost derailing the effort to use EXIM financing.

We worked with U.S. MARAD and the customer to obtain a compensatory waiver for the shipments made in non-U.S. flag vessels, worked with the customer to identify compensatory cargo, and worked with U.S.-flag shippers to place compensatory cargo in U.S.-flag ships.

After quantifying the amount of EXIM financing arising from direct procurement from the owner and the EPC contractor, we realized that the amount of EXIM financing was less than what our customer wanted to obtain.

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