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It is our sincere view that CCS team has in-depth knowledge and vast experience of ECA financing, including but not limited to US Ex-Im, and established confidence very quickly. We can therefore recommend them to any party seeking consultancy for any ECA financing.

CFO, European refinery project

"MTS has been an invaluable tool in our compliance with US EXIM loan obligations. In a secure web-environment, MTS auto-generated all of the necessary supplier and borrower US EXIM forms with innovation and precision. We cannot imagine managing disbursements without MTS – the program is truly unique and allows for improved efficiency and substantial financial savings."

CFO, Middle Eastern power project

“CCS, with their extensive knowledge of export credit agency financing, [has] ensured our team understands the process and requirements of a financing with EXIM. CCS [has] also added value to our organization by identifying opportunities to extend the size of the facility being considered after their diligent review of our procurement plans and through their excellent working relationship with EXIM.”

VP, Treasurer, Mongolian mining project

"I can’t imagine working without MTS on all of the EXIM disbursement documents. Spreadsheets cannot really capture it the way MTS does. There is nothing like it in the market, MTS does all you need."

CFO, Mexican mining project

CCS has extensive knowledge of export credit agency and strong working relationship with Ex-Im Bank and its facility agent. Moreover, CCS is quite responsive and supporting [our company] diligently. [our company] is satisfied with its excellent performance.

CFO, Saudi Arabian power project

CC Solutions has consistently demonstrated a unique combination of skills, experience, and technology that is supporting our project in Turkey to succeed with their extensive knowledge of export credit agency financing. CC Solutions. . . has impressed us with their dynamism, qualified and trained personnel with due care and diligence, moreover, a very agile response, always meeting the schedule and commitments of the Project.

Treasury Manager, European refinery project

"… their Master Tracking System (MTS) was utilized on our $1.5 billion mining project. It has been extremely helpful in managing the EXIM procurement process (including working with several hundred suppliers), administering all related EXIM disbursement documents, and meeting all disbursement obligations. I highly recommend CC Solutions and their MTS application."

Procurement manager, Mexican mining project

"CC Solutions has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic, complete professionalism and a dedication to success in obtaining the Compensatory Waiver Commitment. We are delighted to recommend to you CC Solutions as a strong partner and expert in shipping and logistics services for borrowers using export credit agency financing."

Head of corporate financing and international bank financing, Russian industrial co.

"CC Solutions provided ... tremendous insight into … the United States EXIM Bank and the process required to maximize the potential eligible content for financing. It was very apparent that CC Solutions knew the intricate rules and that EXIM staff appreciated the concise applications provided by CC Solutions in an eligible format which expedited the process. There is clearly mutual respect between CC Solutions and EXIM which ensure to the client’s benefit. Although we ultimately elected to go with a non-American supplier for commercial reasons, I would certainly engage CC Solutions in the future. "

CEO, Subsea telecommunications project

“Thank you for providing a seminar on US EXIM & Procurement Eligibility to our Proposals/Procurement team… Your services were professional and very informative and helped our team to obtain a good understanding of this topic and would enable them to prepare EPC proposals that meet US EXIM financing and associated compliance.”

Director, Proposals/Procurement support, Middle Eastern petrochemicals project

“Despite the relative newness of the DOE documentation and procedures, CC Solutions worked quickly and effectively to support the team’s administration of the loan program requirements. Additionally, [Company] has taken full advantage of the U.S. Maritime Administration expertise offered by CC Solutions to support the project company’s U.S. flagged vessel cargo compliance strategies and efforts. CC Solutions provided proactive advice, considered judgment and strong insights into [Project’s] efforts to meet its obligations while minimizing project costs.”

CFO, Solar power company

“…CC Solutions is excellent in managing the [application and approval] process, keeping all parties informed about progress and clearly setting expectations on future work activities. Their ability to resolve issues promptly and maintain progress is outstanding.”

CFO, Transatlantic communications