Dear reader

We are proud to present the online edition of our agency finance handbook. Many changes have occured in the world of ECAs and DFIs: New agencies have been established, established agencies have started offering new products, and new policies have been adopted by institutions. This new online format will allow us to update the content more regularly, and you to access more up-to-date information as ever before. Our Agency Finance Handbook is now a live document which will be updated with new data regularly and enriched with new functionality periodically.

In developing this handbook, we have aimed to compile information on export credit agencies, development finance institutions, multilaterals, and other agencies, and to present such information in a consistent, easy-to-understand format to global audiences.

The knowledge in this handbook has been obtained from public sources and from the agencies themselves; and has been informed by our own experience.

We have taken every care in the preparation of this handbook, but understanding the complexity and ever-shifting nature of this market, we cannot accept responsibility for any discrepancies contained within this publication, or for the consequences of any business decision taken based on its contents.

Finance agencies continue to play a substantial role underpinning global trade and development. We hope that this handbook helps you navigate this crucial market.

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