The story of CC Solutions

Since we founded our company in 2011, we have had a view from the front seat to the ever-shifting export finance market. We began our journey in 2011 riding a wave of mining megaprojects in Asia and the Americas. Back then we were solely focused on helping US EXIM borrowers disburse large project financings. We developed a web application that increased the accuracy, enhanced the transparency, and reduced the time needed to prepare complex disbursement packages. We eventually added other features to the application, allowing it to prepare disbursement packages for other ECAs and to perform a slew of related tasks, such as calculating and tracking eligibility, and managing conditions precedent.

As our customer base grew geographically and beyond a few sectors and ECAs, our clients began to ask us for help in the determination of eligibility of their export finance transactions. We developed data analysis tools and techniques that have allowed us to help a number of mega projects and large corporations quantify, maximize, and document the size of their ECA facilities, as well as understand their related cash flows.

In 2015 we entered into an arrangement with our friends at TXF to develop and perform ECA training classes worldwide. Since we began our collaboration, over 200 ECA officials, bankers, lawyers, exports and borrowers have gone through our training.

The past decade has been exciting and eventful for our company. We now serve a large and diverse client base from New York and London, performing disbursement administration, consulting, knowledge, advisory, and compliance services. We look forward to continuing our growth in the years ahead, establishing new relationships in the industry, and adding value to export, development and other agency finance customers worldwide.

We started our company in 2011 to bridge gaps between borrowers, lenders, exporters, and ECAs in export finance transactions. We have grown to support financings by other agencies including DFIs and the U.S. Department of Energy. Since our founding, we have worked on financings over USD 88 billion with over 60 customers in over 30 countries and 10 business sectors. Our efforts have helped customers reach financial closing on financings over USD 45 billion and make disbursements of over USD 5.5 billion.

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