We help unbanked borrowers structure and raise debt and equity for corporate, project, and export financings. To get the process started, fill out this form and email it to us.

Our customers face the following challenges:

  • Need to raise long-term, cost-effective debt for their projects
  • Are unable to hire financial advisor (transaction too small, or new borrower)
  • Have difficulty navigating the ECA application and underwriting process

We offer the following services:

  • Financial feasibility studies
  • Financial structuring
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Action plans
  • Financing presentations
  • Financial models
  • Information memoranda
  • Market reads
  • Financing applications
  • Document negotiation

Sources of debt and equity:

We can help our customers source funding from a variety of sources, including:

  • Export credit agencies
  • Bilateral and multilateral development finance institutions
  • Other sources of agency financing
  • Commercial bank financing

Selected recent advisory experience:

Desalination plant:

Served as financial advisor to ECA performing due diligence on a greenfield desalination plant. In our capacity as financial advisor, we worked to :

  • Perform project risk analysis
  • Write extensive credit analysis due diligence report
  • Review and sensitize the financial model
  • Provide input in the develompent and negotiation of the term sheet
  • Review and provide input on loan documents, including the common terms, intercreditor, and loan agreements

Undersea cables:

Served as financial advisor to two private-sector transoceanic communication cable projects worth approximately USD 200 million each that were to be financed by US EXIM. In our capacity as financial advisor, we worked with the borrowers and the exporters to:

  • Prepare financing timelines and action plans
  • Develop and refine financial models
  • Write information memoranda
  • Prepare presentations for lenders
  • Calculate and maximize the size of the loan facilities
  • Liaise with EXIM and other project participants
  • Prepare financing applications

Construction of new refinery unit:

Served as financial advisor to U.S. exporter seeking financing for the construction of a refinery unit in Central Asia. We worked with the exporter to:

  • Prepare financing timelines and action plans
  • Advise on the content and format of environmental impact assesment
  • Advise on the form of the sovereign guarantee and local legal opinions
  • Calculate and maximize the size of the loan facilities
  • Prepare project presentations
  • Prepare financing application

Water treatment and distribution project:

Developed financial feasibility study for a USD 200 million, multi-year, multi-site water treatment and distribution program in West Africa funded by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency. Canvassed the market to understand financeability and indicative terms from different sources, including concessional, non-concessional, and/or blended financing from:

  • Export credit agencies
  • Multilateral development finance instutions
  • Bilateral development finance institutions
  • Commercial banks

Nuclear storage facility:

We prepared a large and complex financial model for a USD 250 million project undertaken by a parastatal in Eastern Europe.

The project was 100% financed in the capital markets. The entire financing was insured by OPIC in a first-of-its-kind transaction.

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