CC Solutions and Finpliance, a tale of two names

We started our company as CC Solutions in 2011. Back then, we were a just two consultants working out of our homes in New York servicing borrowers of US EXIM.

Since then, our service offering has increased, our geographic reach has expanded, and our staff has grown. We now operate out of New York, London, and São Paulo, supporting customers all over the world.

In order to better serve our customers, we established a UK subsidiary in 2017. There were businesses in the UK with the name of "CC Solutions". We had to choose a different name.

After much consideration, we decided on naming our new UK venture "Finpliance UK Limited". The name evokes the disciplines that lie at the heart of our practice; FINANCE and COMPLIANCE. It is a unique name that clearly conveys our mission, and that can be deployed worldwide.

Even though we continue and will continue to be legally registered in the United States as "CC Solutions LLC", over the coming months we will migrate towards doing business as Finpliance, so as to have a globally consistent and understandable brand.

Finpliance and CC Solutions are the same firm. No matter under which name we operate, we are drawing on the same principles, using the the same staff, procedures, and knowledge base. Whether we do business as CC Solutions or Finpliance, our commitment to our customers is the same.

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